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Christmas postcards for friends

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I didn't only receive tons of postcards from all over the world, I also wrote and drew a dozen of them for my friends. I decided in early October I would send a custom postcard to all my friends (from the spn fandom and IRL) that would correspond to their various tastes, ships and kinks. Yes, I know: I am nuts. It took me about 2 months to draw everything but let's face the truth: it was A LOT of fun.

Let's start!


1) Misha and a Minion

The expression "Misha's Minion" has never been drawn so literally, I guess. Believe it or not, I had more difficulties drawing the Minion than Misha. I forgive him, he's such a cuttie. I LOVE Minions!

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2) Good Night Sammy

Drawn for a Sam!girl fan of Wincest. I am often a little bit worried when I have to draw hands because it's not my strong point so I couldn't help shouting a big "YAH!!!" when I finished drawing Dean's hand caressing Sam's face.

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3) The Great Wall of Sam

I know that the great wall of Sam collapsing isn't the happiest thing to draw for a Christmas card but I was sure that the person I was sending this card to was 1) a Sam!girl 2) a fan of complicated designs, so I didn't hesitate. In addition, I must admit I enjoy drawing these very organic fractals a lot. The more complicated the better. I can spend hours arting this kind of things.

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4) One day

I tried to include in this picture everything the person loved (Sam and tattoos) but I also included a tribute to the person's own work: the writing on Sam's neck, One Day, was a tattoo featured in an original art by my friend.

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5) At last!

A happy Dean/Cas hug for a big Destiel fan. I knew she loved all the Purgatory scenes from S8 (so did I ) so it was the most obvious choice for this Christmas card.

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6) Happy Days

Sam and Dean enjoying some good times together. Yes, you are not dreaming: no blood, no gore, nobody died. It's a Christmas card! I think this one was one of the most difficult ones: two characters + one character SMILING and yes, drawing people smiling is hard. Too many pen strokes and the smile can look creepy as hell. I was so relieved when I finished drawing the mouths.

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7) Perfect Match

My friend left me the choice: hurt!Dean or Tom Hardy. I really don't see why I had to choose between the two That's a movie I would watch! Jensen Ackles + Tom Hardy, what a perfect cast it would be!

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Misc. fandoms

1) The Doctor's biggest secret (Doctor Who)

Who knew that the Doctor was a hunter and sported a beautiful anti-possession tattoo? My first art of Dr Who ever. Eleven and his strange eyebrows were a challenge to draw...but not as much as the Tardis.

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2) Stiles (Teen Wolf)

A picture of Stiles for a big Teen Wolf fan, inspired by an original photography of McGinley. I LOVED drawing the wolf's fur, I couldn't stop adding details after details. I am SO happy my friend received this card: it took one month for it to reach California and we both thought it was lost. Hopefully, it wasn't!

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3) Steven Patrick (Morrissey - The Smiths)

I bought my first Morrissey record in 1990 and I am still a fan today, like the person for whom I drew this card. He's one of my oldest friends and is mad about Moz so this portrait was an obvious choice (and something easy for me because I think I must have drawn "Momo" as we call him in France at least 100 times )

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4) Ezio from Assassin's Creed

I've never played Assassin's Creed. The person for whom I drew this card never played the game either but she fell literally in love with one of the main characters, Ezio, and watched all the videos available on YouTube. I couldn't find what Ezio looked liked (his face is constantly hidden under a hood) so I improvised a bit.

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5) Paul Mc Cartney wearing a corset

If someone had told me one day "You are going to draw Paul Mc Cartney wearing a corset", I would never have believed them. But guess what I drew for this card! It makes complete sense actually. What did you want me to draw for a die hard Beatles fan, mad about Paul and who wrote a cross dressed Beatles fic? Exactly. Paul Mc Cartney wearing a corset!

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6) Custom Sketchbook (Teen Wolf)

This one is for Maichan. I was looking for a simple yet original idea for a fellow artist so I thought of a custom sketchbook. I drew on the cover of a Muji sketchbook an Art Nouveau style Teen Wolf art. A black ballpoint pen, some brown ink and white poster paint and...voilà! The Japanese writings mean "Maichan's sketchbook"

Image Hosted by

(Photography and image editing by [ profile] maichan )


Tools of the trade:
- Postcards 15x30cm
- BIC Ballpoint pen
- Colorex blue ink
- Blue watercolor

Voilà! That's it for this year!!
I wish you all a Happy New Year and all the best for 2013!!
Thank you all for your support!
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