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The Sketchbook Entry (January-June 2013)

It's been a while.

Welcomed to my January-June sketchbook post. Here are some of the things I drew/doodled during the first half of the year. I already posted some of these on Tumblr but there are also some previously unseen artworks so...enjoy! ♥

ONE: Color Sketches

I usually sketch with ballpoint pens and/or black pencils but after buying box sets of Copic markers and Prismacolor pencils, my sketches have never been so colorful and I'm having a lot of fun! One of the things I love doing the most at the moment is writing fan fictions in French, my native language, and illustrating them. Here are some of my sketchbook spreads:

1) Le Gout de l'Amérique (A taste of America)

If you speak French, you can find the transcription of the story HERE.
English summary: Sam & Dean drive 950 miles to go to the only restaurant they know where Dean can smoke a cigarette without being bothered (in my canon, Dean is a smoker). At the start, Sam doesn’t understand why Dean brought him to such a shitty place, the food being the most disgusting thing he's ever tasted in his life.
B5 sketchbook - Copics, Prismacolor pencils, ballpoint pens

2) Culture Populaire (Pop Culture)

The French transcription can be found HERE.
English summary: The boys bring Cas’ to Disneyland to help him understand how humans have fun, the (ex)angel having problems with the concept of “entertainment". However, all this is just an excuse to laugh a bit at Castiel and to see him with Minnie ears. As Dean said: "A ticket to Disneyland: $92, a caramel apple: $9.99, Minnie ears: $14, a photo of Cas posing in front of an horrible pink castle, wearing a big polka dot bow on his head: priceless!"
B5 sketchbook - Copics, Prismacolor pencils, ballpoint pens

3) Avec les compliments de la maison (It's on the house)

The art on the left (Dean with a tattoo) has nothing to do with the fic on the right. The story is still a WIP, I don't know where the hell I'm going with that one. For the moment, the boys are at a diner enjoying some great food.
B5 sketchbook - Copics, Prismacolor pencils, ballpoint pens

4) Young Sam and Castiel

Different sketchbook, a bit bigger this time. (25,2 x 35,6 cm) There's not a lot of drawings in it for the moment.

A young hurt!Sam...

...and Castiel coming back from a hunt and already working on a new case. Now that he's human, he can get hurt and it's definitely showing.

5)Portrait of Castiel (15 x 21 cm)

I bought a new sketchbook made of brown paper. The quality and the color of the paper are amazing but I found the cover of the sketchbook itself a bit boring. I decided to customize it with a fan art of Castiel (a excuse to use some gold paint I had at home ). I used Liquitex Basics and some Lefranc & Bourgeois acrylic paintings. The outline of the word Sketchbook was done with Artline pens. I worked the word "Sketchbook" separately on tracing paper to avoid mistakes first, then added it on the final art.

TWO) B&W Sketches

Here are some random artworks from a small sketchbook I only use to draw in black ballpoint pen and watercolor. (14 x 21 cm)

Jared and Jensen with a little bird....

and Hobbiton and Bilbo.

I still enjoy drawing "fan art of fan arts". Here is one inspired by a work by [ profile] artmetica, except that the roles are reversed. In the original artwork, it's Dean who kisses Cas' hand. (posted with the original artist permission)? Here, I used a very light brown/orange pencil to enhance the shading.

From another sketchbook (Moleskine, 13 x 21 cm), a rough draft for a fan fiction I wrote called Landscape of the mind (and that should be posted soon). Castiel likeness is completely off but I didn't care, I just wanted to see where I was heading in terms of composition (note: I added a light texture on PS, the paper is far whiter than that). The final cg art is quite different, I hope to post it soon.

I don't only draw on sketchbooks, I also love drawing on postcards (In fact I draw on everything I can find). My latest hobby is to buy on Ebay postcards from the 1940's-1950's and to draw at the back. Here is one from Texas with a portrait of Jared at the back.

Talking about postcards, here is the one I sent to the Cast & Crew. I didn't know you could do it so for once, I gave it a try!

THREE) Tools of the trade.

Here is what I use to draw in my sketchbooks:

- Copic Sketch Box B (72 markers)
- Prismacolor Premier 72 box set
- Various ballpoint pens (nothing fancy, some of them are for kids with Hello Kitty on them ^^;; )

What I posted above are just sketches I do to have fun but when I really take the time to use my Copics and your Prismacolor without rushing, I love drawing something like this:

Here are my drawing supplies for the Castiel sketchbook cover:

I hope you enjoyed this entry
See you soon for my [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang. I worked on a fic by [ profile] cleflink and you are gonna love it!!
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