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Art for "Art, Paper, Scissor" - Round 3

Here is my entry for the artpaperscissor community, round 3, enjoy!

Title: The Killing Moon
Character: Jared
Rating: Gen
Medium: Photoshop CS6
Notes: Based on [ profile] quickreaver 's prompt, The Killing Moon

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Merry Christmas LJ!

I hope you'll all have a wonderful Christmas tonight and that Santa will bring you tons of amazing presents (or maybe it has already happened! Hello Australia and New Zealand ). I really can't complain, I already had some of my presents two days ago, I won't have to wait tonight.

However, Santa is old and sometimes he forgets people (silly Santa! ). To fix the old guy's mistakes, a little donation to the Red Cross will only take you a couple of seconds and will be a great help.

Et si vous êtes français, il y a Les Restos du Coeur, Les Petits Frères des Pauvres et Le Secours Populaire, classiques, mais efficaces. De plus ces associations ont en bien besoin cette année étant donné que Bruxelles leur a coupé une bonne partie de leurs subventions (aider les pauvres? Mais quelle horreur! On préfère calibrer les artichauts )

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
See you next year LJ.
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Journal d'un Homme de Lettres - Index Général

Journal d'un Homme de Lettres (Journal of a Man of Letters) est un projet lancé sur Tumblr au mois d'avril 2013 et qui se présente sous la forme d'un journal intime de Sam Winchester. Chaque semaine sont postés un ou plusieurs dessins ainsi qu'une courte fic. Vous retrouverez ici un index général des traductions françaises qui, pour le moment, sont encore légèrement en retard sur la version originale en anglais.
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Journal of a Man of Letters - Live Journal Master Post

Journal of a Man of Letters is a project I started on Tumblr in April 2013 (Gen - PG for language). It's a diary in first-person narrative written from Sam's point of view. Once a week, I post an art and a ficlet inspired by an episode or a scene. I'm following the show timeline as close as I can but I'm taking liberty with canon here and there.

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The Sketchbook Entry (January-June 2013)

It's been a while.

Welcomed to my January-June sketchbook post. Here are some of the things I drew/doodled during the first half of the year. I already posted some of these on Tumblr but there are also some previously unseen artworks so...enjoy! ♥

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Art Paper Scissor - Shop Til You Drop!

Here is my entry for the [ profile] artpaperscissor community, round 1, enjoy!

Title: Shop 'Til You Drop!
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG
Medium: Photoshop CS6
Notes: Based on[ profile] dephigravity 's prompt, Shop 'Til You Drop

Image Hosted by

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The Big "Ballpoint Pen Sketches" Entry

Some people run every day, some people go to the swimming pool everyday, some people sketch everyday. (I let you guess in what category I'm in ). I sketch very, very often. Everything. From Coca-Cola cans to cats to TV show characters. Here is a small part of what I drew in the last 2-3 months. Contrary to last post, I managed to scan my sketchbooks (I almost sat on the scan....). I just added a light gray texture because bizarrely, the details of the ballpoint pen were less visible with a white background. 

More sketches under the cut... )
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DraWincest - Live & Let Die

I posted this Sam/Dean art at the [ profile] drawincest community, you can view the full size version directly at the comm, HERE.


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