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Hi guys ♥

Long time no see :)

I decided to gather in one big PDF all the artworks I posted for collaborations—Big Bangs, Reverse Bangs, group projects and exchanges—on Live Journal and Tumblr between 2010 and 2017. I made the decision to create this PDF because a lot of the drawings I posted online were hosted on Imageshack and they were unfortunately deleted after the complete revamp of the site 2, 3 years ago. Half of the links at my LJ are now broken, and as it would be far too time-consuming to re-host everything, a PDF seems the most convenient option.


Complete list of fics under the cut ♥ )
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Supernatural Art Rec 10 Meme

About the Art Rec Ten Meme (description taken shamelessly from [ profile] quickreaver 's LJ): sillie82, amberdreams and I were talking about memes and art and stuff, as we do, and we cooked up this opportunity for folks to to shine a little light on our fandom's artists: the ArtRec10 meme! Give us links to ten of your favorite pieces of SPN/RPF fandom artworks. Could be on LJ, tumblr, deviantart, wherever. We know there's lots of faves, but try to pick a few. Let's make today a little more beautiful! Couldn't we use that right now?

Topics may overlap — for instance, your h/c fill may be digital — but we'd like to see ten unique reccs, if you can manage it. Also, be sure to provide a link to the original art, so folks can leave love for the artist. If you choose to post the images, mind the image sizes and be sure to put it all under a cut.
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New Challenge - Spn-heatwave

"With a grateful nod to the now-inactive [ profile] spn_summer_art, we are reviving the spirit of that art challenge into the [ profile] spn_heatwave. Because summer, in general, should be stress-free and self-indulgent (or so they say!), we hope we've cooked up something that will be casual and fun."

How cool is that! You can sign up HERE
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Presents from friends: to-pm-with-love community


In the series "I have awesome fandom friends and they are all cinnamon rolls too precious for this world", I'd like to tell you about a community created especially for me (yes, you read that correctly) called [ profile] to_pm_with_love where they gathered tons of great fics, artworks, recipes and super kind messages. The messages are for me but the rest? You can enjoy it too guys! I'm sure you wouldn't want to miss the works (Supernatural + Stucky) and positive vibes from (in alphabetical order):
I still can't believe they did ALL THIS just to cheer me up...and because I'm some crybaby who complains a bit too much on the Internet that she had a shitty year (ok, I really had a shitty year but my god, I didn't deserve all this T__T. Thank you so much ♥___♥

Anyway! don't hesitate to visit [ profile] to_pm_with_love, you won't regret it!! ♥
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Journal of a Man of Letters - Live Journal Master Post

Journal of a Man of Letters is a project I started on Tumblr in April 2013 (Gen - PG for language). It's a diary in first-person narrative written from Sam's point of view. Once a week, I post an art and a ficlet inspired by an episode or a scene. I'm following the show timeline as close as I can but I'm taking liberty with canon here and there.

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The Sketchbook Entry (January-June 2013)

It's been a while.

Welcomed to my January-June sketchbook post. Here are some of the things I drew/doodled during the first half of the year. I already posted some of these on Tumblr but there are also some previously unseen artworks so...enjoy! ♥

Sketches under the cut (image heavy) )
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Fanbook - The Winchester Anatomicae

The Winchester Anatomicae is a 14 page fanbook focusing on hurt!Dean and the story of Dean through his scars and his deaths. It's presented as a sort of diary.Fanbook under the cut :3 )
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Christmas postcards for friends

Image Hosted by

I didn't only receive tons of postcards from all over the world, I also wrote and drew a dozen of them for my friends. I decided in early October I would send a custom postcard to all my friends (from the spn fandom and IRL) that would correspond to their various tastes, ships and kinks. Yes, I know: I am nuts. It took me about 2 months to draw everything but let's face the truth: it was A LOT of fun.

Let's start!

Postcards under the cut... )
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Thank you Fandom: Postcards from friends

Image Hosted by

As I said in a previous post, Santa was nice to me during the Holiday Seasons. Not only did I have lots of presents but I also received great postcards from fandom friends from all over the world. I am spoiled!

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Ballpoint pen sketch: Step by Step

After the big ballpoint pen sketches entry I did about one week ago, I thought it would be interesting to show how those sketches were done, step by step. I decided to sketch live yesterday on Tumblr and to post all the steps one by one. What you can see above is a gif showing all the steps from the watercolor pencil outlines to the final product. If you want more detailed explanations click on the links below. 

Introduction & Tools of the Trade / Step 1 Step 2Step 3 / Step 4 / Step 5 / Step 6 / Step 7 / Step 8 /Step 9 / Step 10 / Gif gathering all the steps 

Technical questions asked by my followers: One /Two

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The Big "Ballpoint Pen Sketches" Entry

Some people run every day, some people go to the swimming pool everyday, some people sketch everyday. (I let you guess in what category I'm in ). I sketch very, very often. Everything. From Coca-Cola cans to cats to TV show characters. Here is a small part of what I drew in the last 2-3 months. Contrary to last post, I managed to scan my sketchbooks (I almost sat on the scan....). I just added a light gray texture because bizarrely, the details of the ballpoint pen were less visible with a white background. 

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11 fan arts (Multi-fandoms) - "One fandom, one character" meme

Art under the cut... )


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